Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro (Explorer 1000 Pro + 2xSolarSaga 80)


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More Than Fast: 1.8 hours to full charge made possible by 4pcs of groundbreaking SolarSaga 200W solar panels, 3 times faster than Solar Generator 1000. With a simple and speedy setup in 60 seconds, you can enjoy endless green power wherever you go. Bonus: full wall charge in 1.8 hours.Power On The Go: The foldable handle is designed for easy transportation and storage. With a long lifespan of 1000 charge cycles and a lighter body, this compact power allows you to take on any outdoor adventures.All-Round Safety: Pure sine wave inverter delivers stable power to safeguard your equipment. This super quiet (46dB) product has an integrated battery system (BMS) to monitor & protect battery life. The LED light with 3 brightness modes helps satisfy your outdoor needs.Dual 100W PD Design: 2* USB-C & 2* 100W PD ports, delivering steady power for essentials such as phones, iPads, laptops, drones. Featuring multiple ports – 3* 1000W AC output ports, 2* USB A and DC car port.Ultra-Long Standby: Lasts 10 years for 1 usage/week. The low self-discharge rate allows it to last 365 days from an 80% battery level, making it excellent company for off-grid living and power outages.


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