Jackery Solar Generator 1500 (Explorer 1500 + 4xSolarSaga 100W)


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THE JACKERY SOLAR GENERATOR 1500: Integrate and combine the Explorer 1500 portable power station and solar panels into one entity – the Solar Generator 1500, comes with three bundles including the 4 SolarSaga 100, simplified versions of 2 SolarSaga 100X and 1 SolarSaga 100 respectively. These customized bundles are ideal for camping, overlanding, fishing, any outdoor trips.POWER UP TO 85% OF APPLIANCES: Featuring a massive 1534Wh capacity, 1800 running wattage (3600 surge power), the Explorer 1500 is equipped with 3*AC Pure Sine Wave AC outlets, 1*PD 60W USB-C Port, 1*Quick Charge 3.0 Port, 1*USB-A Port, 1*12V car port. It will power up to 85% of your appliances, including home devices, lights, power tools, microwaves, refrigerators, and other larger power demands.FAST SOLAR RECHARGING: With Solarpeak? technology (upgraded MPPT technology), the Solar generator 1500 can truly identify the biggest input available in real time and maximize power extraction under all conditions, allowing you to charge the battery from zero to 80% within 4 hours.CLEAN, QUIET, EASY TO USE: Zero emission, generating power directly from the sun; nearly silent while operating; one easy button to start.


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